5 Earrings To Wear This Fall
5 Earrings To Wear This Fall

5 earrings to wear this fall

Tennessee is finally cooling down and I’m looking forward to transitioning my wardrobe to long sleeves, sweaters, and denim. When I change my clothes, I tend to check my jewelry as well (hi! I’m a jewelry designer, so that’s only natural). Here are my top 5 earring options to wear this fall!

Minimal Organic Hoops

– If you love hoop earrings, this is going to be your new favorite! The hoops are nice and round, but have a delicately hammered element to them that makes them a bit updated and unique.

Peach Moonstone Dangle Earrings

– This deep gray is crying out to be worn this fall! If your style is brighter, get them now! They can be worn with a simple t-shirt and jeans, or with a simple black dress.

Classic Kettle

– This duo of silver and gold circles hits the top of my list every season. Why? They are so versatile!

For an edgy look:

‘Geodes’ earrings pop in and out of my wardrobe when I’m feeling edgy, and well, I’m feeling a little edgy this fall. Choose from sterling silver, gold filled, or rose gold filled!

Mystic Labradorite

– I have loved gemstones ever since we launched the Dusky Coast collection earlier this year. The deep navy blue hue of labradorite will take you from fall to winter this year!

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