6 Step-by-Step Blow Dryer Brush Tutorials for Beginners and Beyond

The hair dryer brush is making waves and taking the everyday beauty realm by storm, not to mention social media. An all-in-one styling tool that gives you a salon-worthy hairstyle, the blow-dry brush adds volume, shine and luminosity, no matter the length of your hair. If you’re new to this magical tool, we’ve rounded up 6 Hair Dryer Blush Tutorials for Beginners and More!

What is a hair dryer brush?

A blow dryer brush is a hot styling tool that dries and styles your hair at the same time, while eliminating the need to juggle a round brush and blow dryer with both hands. It dries, styles, and adds volume and shine, all in one step, with less frizz and damage. It’s the easiest way to get a blowout without going to the salon.

What are the benefits of using a drying brush?

1. Easy to use and easy to learn
2. Decreases the time it takes to dry your hair
3. Reduces heat damage
4. Just hold one tool (instead of a round brush and hot styling tool)
5. Add volume and shine to your hair remarkably
6. Eliminate shoulder fatigue and allow for greater mobility and ease
7. Extends the look of a flat iron

The 5 Best Blow Dryer Brushes to Invest In

1. Revlon One-Step Volumizer
2. Drybar Double Shot Dryer Brush
3. OMO Team Blowout Professional Hair Dryer Brush
4. Flirt Hair Styling Brush
5. Hot Tools 24K Gold One Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

6 Beginner Hair Dryer Brush Tips

1. Towel and/or air dry your hair 75-80% before using the blow dryer brush
2. Apply a heat protectant and styling product (the curlier your hair, the more product you should use for best results)
3. Section your hair to make it easier to control
4. Glide the brush through sections of your hair slowly from roots to ends.
5. For more volume, lift the brush vertically at the roots and hold for a few seconds before combing through the rest of the hair.
6. If you have fine, brittle, or damage-prone hair, be sure to use a lower heat setting.

2 Hair Dryer Brush Tutorials for Short Hair

1. Easy Salon Blowout at home | sam go

If you have short hair that’s naturally frizzy, you’ll want to check out this tutorial on how to give yourself a salon-style blowout with a blow dryer brush. She gives you her best advice on how to style your hair and uses products that include a heat protectant spray Y hair oil to smooth the ends.

2. Hair Dryer Brush | Quick and easy tips to get voluminous hair without frizz | glam girl gabi

This brush-in color tutorial shows you how to use a blow-dry brush on short, curly hair for smooth, shiny results. She offers great tips for using a blow dryer brush, from having the right moisture level in your hair to using the right amount of tension and heat setting for your hair type. He also recommends products to use like the Tame Frizz Smoothing Lotion to allow the hot tool to work better, as well as the KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray for your roots

2 Hair Dryer Brush Tutorials for Medium Hair

1. One-Step Blow Dryer Tutorial for Beachy Waves | victoria leigh

If you love the look of beachy waves, you’ll be happy to know that a blow dryer brush can help you achieve the look. Watch as she transforms her frizzy, air-dried hair into beautiful, soft waves. She recommends products like the Kerastase Long care gel cream for protection against heat and Kerastase Serum for brittle and damaged hair.

2. Hair tutorial | How To Use Revlon 2 In 1 Volumizing Dryer | Lisa J.

For a smooth, sleek look, this hair tutorial offers amazing tips to help you style your hair with a blow-dry brush. It is a super simple step-by-step tutorial where he also lets you know some of his favorite products to complement this ‘do. she wears a wide tooth combthe Bumble and Bumble Repair Dry Styling Creamas well as a wave spray.

2 Hair Dryer Brush Tutorials for Long Hair

1. One Step Hair Dryer (How To: Salon Style) | adina sha

This tutorial is perfect if you have long locks. She shows you exactly how she uses the blow dryer brush to style her hair with gorgeous, salon-worthy results. Towel/air dry hair then use the Tresemme Thermal Protective Spray to prepare it for styling. She also wears the Aveda Damage Repair For added heat protection and a hair oil to make your hair nice and shiny.

2. Living room blown at home | Revlon One Step Hair Dryer | GLAMBYMEL

In this tutorial, she breaks down her hair routine and shows you step by step how to achieve a salon hairstyle at home. She begins by sharing some of her favorite products to prepare her hair as the It is a 10 Miracle Leave In product just like him Smooth Keratin Shampoo Y Conditioner. She also wears a wet brush.

Investing in a blow dryer brush is one of the easiest ways to get a salon-style hairstyle at home. Try these tutorials and watch your hair transform!

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