How To Mix Metal Finishes
How to mix metallic finishes
How To Mix Metal Finishes

How to mix metallic finishes

Ready to shake things up a bit in your jewelry routine? I have a simple solution: mix up your metallic finishes!

I’ve been making jewelry pieces with two or three different metal finishes for a long time, and it seems to get more and more popular every year. While I’m a big fan of our simple Minimal Hoops, I’m also a big fan of mixing black and gold, black and silver, silver and gold… or sometimes silver, black and gold. Whoops, slow down, I know. 🙃 Here are some quick and easy tips for mixing your metals:

Choose your favorite color combination!

To get started, simply choose two metallic finishes to work with. Here are a handful of combinations that work great!

◇ Black oxidized silver and gold plating

◇ Sterling silver and black oxidized silver

◇ Gold and sterling silver fill

◇ Sterling silver and rose gold

Choose a common thread

Choose one of the metallic finishes and make it a common thread in your earrings and necklaces. If I use the Black & Gold combo, I will use a pair of gold earrings with a Prayed Y black necklace. As long as your jewelry even shares a metal finish, you’re good to go.

But my rings!

Are all your rings made of silver and you think that wearing gold jewelry would be out of place? Don’t worry! wear a gold Y silver necklace with gold either silver earrings to tie it all together! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard my clients say “I can’t wear silver jewelry because I have a gold wedding ring.” Hang those old fashioned rulers out to dry!

I currently have silver rings, a watch with a rose gold dial, and Balance earrings in black, gold, and silver. I also had on a 24″ silver honey petal necklace, but it’s a bit fancy for wearing around the house, so I took it off when I got home from church. A real hodgepodge of metal finishes I tell you!

Unless you’re going to walk around with your jazz hands next to your face all day, no one will notice that your rings are a different metal than the rest of your jewelry.

Don’t be afraid to try new things… or not

Choose your favorite jewelry pieces and even if they don’t have metals in common, wear them both! Today’s fashion rules are pretty much “you do you”. This also means you can keep a whole metal if that’s your jam – No judgment.

If you just want to dive into the mixed metal genre, I suggest starting with a pair of mixed metal earrings that will easily match your favorite necklaces. See ours here:

Don’t be afraid to try new things… or not

Tell me! What metallic finishes would you mix? Or would you like to see mixed?

How To Mix Metal Finishes

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